Message about new edition of SRF Lessons

As recently announced in our quarterly Voluntary League Appeal, we are moving steadily nearer to the release of a greatly expanded and enhanced edition of the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons. 

This has raised the question for some of our Centers, Groups, and Circles whether it would be better for current SRF Lessons students or those seeking to apply for the Lessons to wait for the new edition of the Lessons before renewing or beginning their subscription. We are recommending that they continue to order the current Lessons — especially the first two steps if they intend to apply for Kriya Yoga, so that they can become eligible at the earliest opportunity. For the same reason, we are also suggesting that those who are considering enrolling for the Lessons for the first time not wait, since they will be able to transition to the new edition of the Lessons once they become available.

As you may also know, graduate students of the current SRF Lessons will be able to sign up for the new edition of the Lessons as well. For updates about the new edition of the SRF Lessons, we encourage you to visit