Travel to SRF Convocation 2018

It is time again to ask for applications and nominations for anyone interested in travelling to Los Angeles for this year’s 2018 SRF Convocation.

Each year the Travel Fund from this Trust usually provides airfares for one or two people, to attend the annual SRF Convocation. We have sent about 17 devotees so far and have helped to support the SRF monks visit to NZ three times. The purpose of the Trust is to support those devotees who are otherwise unable to attend the SRF Convocation due to financial circumstances.

This year we are offering to cover the airfare and accommodation in Los Angeles for ONE person to attend this year’s 2018 SRF Convocation.

If you know of any SRF devotee who would be interested, please nominate them or ask them to send a letter of application to the assistant secretary, Amanda Probett, Master Fund Charitable Trust at email:

Please add a little appropriate information about the background of yourself or the person you are nominating, for example:

  • How long have you/they been an SRF member?
  • Are you/they currently attending Services in your area?
  • Have you/they been or are you/they currently involved in serving in an SRF Group or Circle?
  • Have you/they attended the SRF Convocation in Los Angeles before?

PLEASE NOTE: The closing date for all Applications is Friday 14th June 2018.

In Divine Friendship
The Trustees
Master Fund NZ Charitable Trust.